Want To Win An Online Jackpot

If you answered yes, then Belle Rock can help you find the biggest UK Casino jackpots online today. Their site gives you a wide variety of information regarding the best of the best of all things pertaining to online casinos. This would of course include online casino jackpots. All of the online casino games promoted by UK Bellerock provide players with opportunities to win.

Some of the most lucrative online jackpots promoted through Belle Rock are from playing progressive slot machines. Progressive slot machines are played like normal slot machines. However, these slot machines are linked together. Every time one of the linked machines is played, the jackpot increases by a small amount. One player of these linked machines will eventually win the jackpot.

Given the fact that all the play on these machines goes into the jackpot, the amount in there can grow substantially. One of the top progressive jackpot games promoted by UK Bellerock is the Mega Moolah Progressive Slots Game. This progressive jackpot slot machine regularly pays out. In fact, jackpots over £4 million have been paid out before. The record payout with this game to date was over £6 million.

With such a lucrative payout, it is easy to see why Belle Rock endorses this game. Another progressive slot machine game is Major Millions. This machine is a Mega Spin Slot by Microgaming. Major Millions incorporates 6 games all into this machine. Players also have the chance of winning large bonuses with Major Millions.

Many people enjoy Major Millions not only because they could win a great deal of money but also because the game is simple to play. This game does come in both 3 reel and 5 reel varieties. In order to win the progressive jackpot all of the reels on the machine must have the Major Millions symbol.