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Craps is played with two dice are thrown from one end of the table at the other extreme. Grants or payments are awarded based on different combinations of numbers that each player gets when the dice stop. All Games dice start with what is called a "thrown out". If the player has thrown the dice, resulting in a seven (7) or eleven (11) in the roller above the operator, then declared the match winner.

Any other number that can be achieved at the nozzle exit (four, five, six, etc.). Happens to become the player's score. Points are scored as "ON" and the player will win the game is unable to get the point before the dice marked in September Instead, the player loses the game if the dice to seven before getting a point. Paris invites the pass line can not be removed from the time he was put in point. In a craps table in a casino, pairs are placed in an area called "Pass Line". In an online casino in your own computer screen displayed the area reserved for this purpose.

The analysis presented in the preceding paragraph refers to the so-called Paris the pass line. A player can also bet on the form "do not pass bar." In this case, he automatically loses if the dice achieving a seven or eleven wins automatically if it runs a couple. It is considered a tie, if he manages twelve. If the player gets four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, your set point. In this case, the player wins if he manages to seven before repeating the point (eight, for example). Instead, the player loses in this bet if he repeats his point number before seven years.

Finally, the game is called a "forthcoming" are played identically to the pass line, except that they are doing at all times after casting. Player wins with seven or eleven and losing two, three or twelve months. The player who starts for the first time in the game of dice may find it difficult at first instance. The reason for this fear lies in the many forms of gambling that can be performed on a craps table. Even knowing the most basic rules, any player may be presented doubts about a particular point.

It is important to note that in a dice game, there is no maximum number of players that can participate in a roundtable. The pairs are placed according to the results obtained by the roll of the dice by the thrower (shooter). The sequence works pairs clockwise from the player who rolled the dice.

A data table is traditionally divided into three parts or sections. In the middle are bowman and stickman. In another of the sections are placed the dealer and the other is where players will be placed in the game. The dealer is responsible for making changes and chip collection pairs and pay the winners of the game. Bowman is the one that changed the chips for hard cash and the stickman is the one who placed in the center of pairs table placed by the players. Needless to say, in an online casino, all the functions mentioned above are performed by different software that manages the game.