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Most probably from the sixteenth century Italy where he was known as "Lo Guido De Lotto," the story of the bingo game has probably been one of the most popular games and the most pleasant time, and which is currently undergoing a huge success thanks to the Internet.

The history of bingo show that the Church, opposed to this game because of chance which guided him, had no reason for its success. Appearing in France in the late eighteenth century, popular with the bourgeoisie and the nobility of the time, it grew rapidly throughout, in various forms, including the Lotto.

Arrived in the United States and driven by Edwin Lowe in the early twentieth century, which was called Beano, he then played with numbered beans (beans in English) which he probably inherited his name.

Its name became what it is today when a player showed his joy by shouting "Bingo!". It owes its present development association of Edwin Lowe and a mathematics professor, Carl Leveler, to create maps of the most random possible.

This game, much like the Keno is played in effect through grids in which players must choose a number of issues. After which, the game organizer, or the dealer, if it is a casino, will draw randomly numbered balls. The goal is to match all the numbers chosen by the participant.

The history of bingo casino is intimately linked to a popular game, and his current interest in virtual rooms online is exploding.

To play bingo, you must first card, also known as "strip". Warning: here, a map consists of five boxes or "tickets". On these boxes, you will find three rows and nine columns, forming a grid. On each line, you will have five numbers, between 1 and 90, and four white boxes. A map will represent all numbers.

Random numbers will be drawn. Mark the box on one of your tickets. As you try to fill one, two or three complete lines according to the alternative offered to you and so win the game. The first player who successfully wins the jackpot at

Play 90 ball bingo is easy thanks to the suspense and thrilling permanent hover over the draw numbers until the last moment. The game of 90 ball bingo with his little ways simple, is a game very entertaining, which is sure to test your nerves. This is a game where chance bonus, he is quick to understand and might be for you first entered the world of online casinos online.

Come to the sixteenth-century Italy, online bingo 90 ball has established itself as a popular game and entertaining. Everyone knows him, but who knows exactly what the 90 ball bingo online, the variant of this game so popular.


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